Easy Method to Assemble the Flair Sports Pitch Back Rebound Net

Our rebound net requires some strength to stretch the bungees while connecting the net to the frame.  It has to be really tight to create a good rebound net but there is an easier way to get the net on the frame.  There is another method you can use to make the installation easier.

If you do the 4 corners (1 bungee on top/bottom of the corner and 1 bungee on side) first using the method in the attached picture it will be easier then use the method shown in the instructions. 
In summary you will have 8 bungees attached to the frame (2 in each corner) using the method I showed in the attached image.  Then you will just connect the net into the 8 clips first, then connect the bungees that are attached to the net. 
Once you have that it’s easy to attach the bungees around the net like shown in the directions because it’s already stretched in all 4 directions. 
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